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3 Points For The Design Of Medical Plastic Bottles

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As one of the leading plastic bottle manufacturers in china, MGG group specializes in the production of plastic containers and medical plastic bottles for many customers. Many people do not know how medicinal plastic bottles are designed. This article will give you an analysis of 3 key points in the design of medicinal plastic bottles.

medical plastic bottles

Point 1:

Medical plastic bottles should follow affirmative points and principles when designing, and design according to affirmative points. It has an efficient application that conforms to the design concept and guarantees the performance benefits of the application.

Most of the bottoms of medical plastic bottles adopt a convex bottom or a flat bottom double-circle layout, because the middle of the convex bottom of the bottle extends into the bottle to form an arch, which can increase the internal pressure resistance of the bottle body and ensure the stability of the bottle body when leaving the factory. Injection blow molding also inhibits plastic from collapsing and makes the bottom of the bottle symmetrical. The flat-bottom double-round bottom layout is mainly used for large-capacity medical plastic bottles, which can better withstand the pressure from the inside of the bottle. The growth in shape and size tends to be the thread shape of the neck of small and medium pharmaceutical plastic injection blow molding.

This kind of screw thread situation of the bottle mouth is mainly due to the good compatibility with the bottle cap, because the moisture resistance of drug packaging depends to a large extent on the accuracy of the bottle mouth and the bottle cap. Here is the sealing performance reflecting whether the bottle mouth is good or not. important.

Point 2:

Recently, most custom plastic bottle manufacturers use aluminum foil gasket to electromagnetically seal medical plastic bottles, which greatly improves the sealing performance of medical plastic bottle mouths. From the cross-section of the collar and shoulders of a round medicinal plastic bottle, the neck and shoulders are composed of two tangent circle radii, which are divided into two sections starting from the tangent point. An important factor affecting the strength of the shoulder is the inclination angle of the shoulder. When the shoulders are flat, the bottle tends to collapse. If the length of the bottle shoulder here is 10mm, the inclination angle of the shoulder should be greater than 15 degrees, and the thickness of this part should not be less than 1mm (referring to the small bottle body).

Point 3:

After filling, medical plastic bottles should be capped using an adjustable torque capper. The torque can be extracted according to the diameter of the cap according to the corresponding ratio. The universal size of the bottle and cap is an important prerequisite for moisture and moisture resistance, and the precision of the screw cap is the key to the quality of moisture protection.

In order to ensure the safety of medicines, the sealing of the bottle mouth should be improved first to improve the moisture-proof effect. Bottle walls are too thin to blow mold and have low strength. It is generally required that the wall thickness of other parts should be the same, except the thickness of the bottle mouth and the threaded part. However, in order to improve the insulation and strength of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle, the thickness of the bottle body is designed to be 1.5 mm to 2 mm, and the current thickness tends to increase.

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