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3-stage VS 4-stage Roll on Bottle, Which is Better?

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As one of the leading roll on bottles suppliers in China, MGG group will conduct technical analysis on empty roll on bottles in the market in order to maintain the advanced technology.

With the improvement of everyone's consumption power, there are many kinds of roll on bottle packaging on the market. The main purpose is to reflect the uniqueness of the brand, let customers remember their own brand, and realize the sales growth of their own brand.

There are many roll on perfume bottles on the market now, and when we were doing market research, we could easily find more than 10 similar products. We bought 2 empty roller bottles from the supermarket and compared them with the crystal roller bottles that are being produced in our factory.

roller bottle designcrystal roller bottle

roller bottle design

First of all, we can see the appearance of the product. The roll on bottle sold in the market is mainly four-stage design, and the main structure is the bottle body, cap, ball seat cover and plastic ball. The crystal roller bottle produced by our factory is three-stage design. The structure is composed of a bottle body, a cap and a plastic ball. The shape is composed of 8 sides. The appearance is more beautiful, but the technical difficulty is also relatively large.

roller bottle process

These 3 roll on bottles are mainly made by blow molding, but the mold development difficulty used is different, the 2 products purchased back, the mold manufacturing is easy to achieve. The crystal roller bottle produced by our factory is difficult to manufacture and not easy to be imitated, which is also one of the advantages that we have been able to obtain orders from customers.

roller bottle price

According to the survey, the prices of these three products are almost the same. Although the quality of the products in our factory is relatively good and the early development is difficult, our design reduces the ball seat cover and saves material and labor costs, so the price is still relatively advantageous.

Compared with the roll on bottles on the market, the advantages of MGG group are still very obvious. We can also design product packaging for customers free of charge so that customers' products are more popular. as a professional plastic roll on bottle manufacturer, MGG group offers roll on deodorant containers wholesale, if you need it, please contact us.

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