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4 Processing Methods of Plastic Container

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In our life, custom plastic containers can be seen everywhere, plastic bottles have become an indispensable part of our life, light weight, easy to carry, not easy to break, welcomed by the majority of customers.

So, how are plastic bottles produced? Today, as the leading custom plastic bottle manufacturer, MGG group has compiled relevant information. Let's take a look at the four processing methods of custom plastic containers.

Compression molding

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Compression molding is to put powder, granule, granule, and sheet plastic in a heated mold, then close the mold, pressurize, and after cooling and solidification, open the mold to obtain the finished product. The process is simple, the cost is low, and the material is not wasted.


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Extrusion molding is a method in which raw materials are put into a barrel to be heated and softened, and the heated and softened plastic is continuously passed through a die with an extruder to extrude a product of the desired shape. Its advantages are that it can extrude products of various shapes, high production efficiency, and can be automated and continuous production; the disadvantage is that thermosetting plastics cannot be widely processed by this method, and the product size is prone to deviation.

Injection molding

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Injection molding is to put the raw materials into the barrel to heat and soften, and then the injection molding machine injects the melted plastic into the mold under high pressure, and the finished product is obtained after cooling. Injection molding has high production efficiency, complex and precise products can also be produced, and manufacturing costs are reduced, especially suitable for mass production.

Blow molding

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Blow molding is a rapidly developing plastic processing method. It is mainly a method of inflating a hot resin parison closed in a mold into a hollow product by the pressure of compressed air. Blow molding includes two methods of blowing film and blowing hollow products. Blow molding is mainly used to produce film products, various bottles, barrels, pots, etc.

The above four main processing methods of custom plastic containers, custom plastic container manufacturers are familiar with these four manufacturing methods. If you need to manufacture plastic bottles, looking for plastic bottle manufacturers in china, please choose MGG Group.

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