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5 Deodorant Sticks Will Save You In Summer!

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Although you can wear skirts and sandals in summer, you can wear beautiful clothes, but it is really embarrassing for sweaty people! The sticky and wet feeling is really uncomfortable, and the light clothes will also printed sweat stains, let alone sometimes a little taste. Therefore, many deodorant stick manufactuers will promote their brand in summer, as one of the leading deodorant packaging suppliers. MGG Group introduces several Deodorants suitable for summer to make reference.


LAVANILA deodorant

Aluminum -free deodorant, fresh aroma -proofing agent, safe, effective and luxurious smell. The small portable model 25G can be used in the bag at any time. This paste is rotating, but it cannot be turned back after turning out. Please turn it in a little bit, and don't turn it out at one time! This deodorant minimizes and absorbs sweat molecules, making you fresh, clean and confident.



Apply several times under the armpit before going out every morning. Normal get off work can be maintained for a whole day; the taste is the fresh fragrance that has just been bathed. Secret Fresh incense -type secret sweat -proof cream, specially designed arc -shaped convex surface, is more suitable for underarms; this type of sweat -proof cream to help maintain full confidence and dry all day. Invisible paste, invisible and powerful protection ability, the pH balanced formula can better fight the secretion of underarms sweat, allowing you to keep it refreshing all day. The packaging uses the recycling empty deodorant containers, which will not pollute the environment.


Crystal deodorant

Roll-on Deodorant injected the sedation and fresh aroma of lavender and white tea, and quickly dried to form an invisible protective barrier to prevent the smell from the beginning of the smell. Crystal body deodorant was tested by the dermatologist. It is vexesy, cruel, safe and effective, low -allergic, mild and dry to the skin. Crystal deodorant allows the body to operate naturally and uses natural minerals to control the odor of up to 24 hours. The packaging uses roll on deodorant botttle, which has good sealing to prevent liquid leakage.

Colgate Hello

Colgate hello

Colgate Hello's Empty Deodorant Stick is made of 100% recyclable materials, which can be recycled 100%. Using high -quality shea butter oil, it is tested by a dermatologist and is made from natural friendly composition. Use seductive neutral perfumes to prevent deodorization 24 hours, say goodbye to odor and dyeing.



Obviously improve the sense of underarms, effectively prevent sweat, fresh and joyful scent, fast -drying formula, feel cool and refreshing, suitable for all skin types. When using the sesame cream, after the bath or before going out, the body is in a clean state, and appropriately apply it under the armpit, which can play a perfect effect.

These 5 DEODORANTs are very suitable for products that are used in summer. You can choose a product that suits you according to your physical condition. MGG Group has been committed to development, producing Deodorant Stick Containers and Plastic Roll on Bottles, and customers who need it can contact us directly.

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