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50ml Roll on Bottles form MGG Group

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MGG group is a roller bottle manufacturer that provides 50ml roll on bottles. We have 16 years experience in this industry, we can meet all your requirements, we offer competitive price and good service, accept custom processing.

Many customers want to find 50ml roll on bottles, but there are not many 50ml empty roll on deodorant bottles in the market, and there are relatively few types. Today, MGG group has sorted out several 50ml plastic roll on bottles we are producing, for your reference when making your choice.

1 oz roller bottle

This is a ball bottle with a 4-stage structure, and it is also an old-fashioned bottle. However, there are still customers looking for this bottle, and the annual shipment is still quite large.

Material: PE

Capacity: 30ml, 50ml

Accessories: plastic ball

Sealing Type: Screw cap

N.W.: 16g/19g

empty roll on deodorant bottles

This is a ball bottle with a 3-stage structure. The ball holder is integrated with the bottle body, which can reduce the cost and is one of the most popular bottles at present.

Material: PE

Capacity: 50ml

Body diameter: 38.2mm

Caliber: 20mm

High: 130mm

Accessories: plastic ball

Sealing Type: Screw cap

50 ml roller bottle

This product makes our self-developed ball bottle with a patented appearance. The beads can be made of stainless steel or plastic. The product is currently very popular and can be mass-produced.

Material: HDPE

Accessories: stainless steel ball or plastic ball

Capacity: 50ml, 80ml

Process: bottle blowing

small roll on bottles

This is a 4 segment ball bottle with a removable roll cap for easy unscrewing and refilling.

Material: PE

Capacity: 30ml, 50ml

Accessories: plastic ball

Sealing Type: Screw cap

N.W.: 17g/18g

MGG group's 50ml roll on bottles have a wide range of applications, including essential oils, perfumes, antiperspirants and pharmaceuticals. In addition, as one of the leading roller bottle suppliers in China, MGG group has import and export qualification certificates and a full range of product certificates. No matter where you are, our three modes of sea, land and air will be delivered to you quickly. We support style customization and color customization. More details look forward to your negotiation, cooperation and win-win with us.

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