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6 Tips For Growing Your Business

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In China, there are many roll on bottle manufacturers, so it is a very challenging to expand your business in this industry, especially for roller bottle suppliers who have just entered this market. Because there are many established Years, the company developed into a mature competitor.

refillable deodorant roll on bottle

With the continuous development of the economy, the manufacturing industry is also facing changes, and the operation methods and customer acquisition channels are also changing. How do roll on bottle suppliers get orders from many competitors and develop in the industry?

MGG group has 15 years of experience in the plastic container industry. It has summarized several important tips and suggestions, hoping to help small businesses continue to develop in the fiercely competitive market.

1. Develop long-term partnerships

For all roll on bottle manufacturers, the early establishment of the factory is a very difficult period, there are many problems to be solved, and many systems need to be improved. In this case, it is necessary to develop fixed and long-term cooperation partners so that the factory can function normally.

2. Focus on a market segment

For factories, the wider the business, the better, but for the early factories, you need to know which category of products you have experience with, and focus on a subdivided product category, so that you can better find customers and be more experience and strength of a good commission factory. Just like MGG group, although the factory can do a lot of plastic packaging, it is most advantageous to produce empty deodorant sticks. It has strong strength in this regard, has not only GMP certificate but also has a 100,000-level clean room, so Many brands are looking for it to produce, such as Colgate hello, Crystal and so on. These customers can support the operation of the factory and can also develop other customers.

3. Integrate business channels

Expanding customers is the foundation of development, and customers are accumulated by accumulation. It is also more troublesome to find customers in the early stage. For a new factory, customers do not trust you very much. Therefore, in the early stage, you can rely on friends to introduce customers, but you must also develop your business channels. Now in the Internet era, online marketing is essential. You can build your website or open a store on the platform and also google and SNS. Find customers on the Internet, increase business sources, and precipitate customers.

4. Diversify according to needs

When the factory develops to a certain stage, it can make business adjustments according to the market, customize the products that customers want according to the needs of customers, and cooperate as long as there is profit and the quality of products can be guaranteed.

5. Do not expand blindly

Many roller bottle suppliers believe that only large factories can receive large orders, so when there are many orders, many leaders will choose to expand factories to meet on-time delivery. However, the blind expansion will break the factory's capital chain, so only when the customer is stable and the production capacity is insufficient the production equipment can be appropriately increased.

6. Keep learning

Factory managers need continuous learning, regardless of management ability or technology. Only by continuous learning can the factory continue to develop and face fierce competition to better cope with it.

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