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Advantages of Aluminum Foil Gaskets

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Plastic bottle manufacturers are well aware of foil gaskets, and many packages on the market, especially bottles, have a liner. As a professional disc top cap manufacturer, MGG group will produce plastic disc caps according to customers' requirements. Many customers require disc top caps with aluminum foil gaskets.

Disc Top Cap with Aluminum Foil Liner

Aluminum foil gaskets are pressed from aluminum and made according to different uses. Commonly used in some packaging industries, mainly to isolate the air and extend the shelf life of products. So, what are the application advantages of aluminum foil gaskets?

First, aluminum foil gaskets are non-toxic and odorless. In addition, it also has a good antibacterial ability. Generally, microorganisms cannot grow on it, so its surface is clean, which makes it often used in food packaging and cosmetic packaging. On the other hand, foil spacers are opaque, providing good protection for products that are sensitive to sunlight. Not only that, but the application of product packaging is also very important for its ease of opening. Its small force can also be very convenient for consumers to open; therefore, it is a beautiful, practical, easy-to-use, high-quality packaging material.

Adding spacers to disc top closures is easy, but adding only one spacer is a bit more difficult. To realize that each disc top cap has only 1 layer of aluminum foil gaskets, MGG group specially purchased a gasket machine. After adding gaskets to the disc top caps, it needs to pass two tests. After the test is successful, it is a qualified product. The first test is to screen the plastic disc caps without aluminum foil spacers and let the disc top caps with aluminum foil spacers enter the next test. The second test detect the number of layers of aluminum foil spacers, and there will be 2-layer spacers. Screen out and keep products with only 1 layer of the gasket. Finally, it enters the manual inspection, and after it comes out, there are plastic disc caps with only 1 layer of aluminum foil gasket.

MGG group, a disc top cap supplier in China, has been engaged in the plastic packaging industry, has rich experience in manufacturing and can provide you with one-stop packaging services.

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