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Amber Or Cobalt Blue, Which Is Better For UV Protection?

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Many dropper bottle manufacturers will encounter such questions from customers: I need custom dropper bottles, should the color of the bottle be amber or cobalt blue?

Generally, customers ask this kind of question, then the products packaged in dropper bottles are photosensitive products. Photosensitive products refer to products that are good at absorbing long-wave ultraviolet rays in sunlight and reacting with sunlight. The best way to protect this type of product is to ensure that it is stored in a dark environment to prevent product exposure. Packaging the product in colored glass bottles can also prevent product quality deterioration or damage.


Custom dropper bottles are generally amber and cobalt blue in the market, so which color is more suitable for UV protection?

Glass protects against UV rays, and tinted dropper bottles are better for light-sensitive products. Amber and cobalt blue glass bottles but offer different levels of UV protection. Amber dropper bottles can protect against ultraviolet light wavelengths below 450 nm and are the best choice for protecting light-sensitive products, usually used in essential oils, skin care products industry, etc. Cobalt blue dropper bottles can provide protection to light-sensitive products from exposure to UV rays better than clear glass. However, many glass dropper bottle manufacturers will push customers to use cobalt blue dropper bottles because the color of the bottle is very good-looking and can make your product stand out from many competitors.

Therefore, when choosing custom dropper bottles suitable for your own products, you need to understand the characteristics of your own products. If it is a photosensitive product, it is recommended to choose amber dropper bottles, which can effectively protect against UV rays and prevent product deterioration and loss.

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