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Analysis Of The Role Of Medicinal Hdpe Plastic Bottle Caps

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The medicinal plastic bottle is a common packaging in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, mainly used to store solid or liquid drugs. HDPE plastic bottle is a more commonly used pharmaceutical packaging. The structure of the medicine bottle is mostly composed of the bottle cap and the bottle body, and the function of the bottle cap in the packaging is more and more diversified.


High density polyethylene bottles can be divided into two categories: solid packaging and liquid packaging, according to their functions. The function of bottle caps mainly has two aspects. One is sealing, which protects the medicines and prevents medicines from being caused by external environmental pollution. Deterioration is also the basic function of bottle caps. The second is aesthetics. As an integral part of the HDPE plastic container, the cap of the medicine bottle may seem inconspicuous, but it plays the role of the finishing touch, which can increase the overall aesthetics of the bottle.

Airtightness and aesthetics are the two basic functions of the caps of high density polyethylene containers. With the continuous innovation of packaging, some packaging will do special designs on the caps, such as the top of the caps of medicine bottles to store desiccant. The small medicine warehouse not only saves space but also prevents children from accidentally eating desiccant; or through the design of the inner and outer double-layer lids, it prevents children from easily opening the package and eating medicines by mistake; Or making the bottle caps in different colors to distinguish the taste of health care products, etc.

Diversifying the role of HDPE plastic bottle caps is an inevitable trend of continuous innovation in pharmaceutical packaging and compliance with market development needs. For pharmaceutical companies, it is necessary to regularly judge and adjust the type of packaging according to market changes to improve product competitiveness.

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