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Application Advantage Of Custom Dropper Bottles

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Custom dropper bottles have a very important position in the cosmetics packaging industry application field. It can easily transfer and use the liquid in the bottle. Hygiene and convenience also make Dropper Bottles particularly extensive in cosmetics packaging.

1 ml plastic dropper bottle

The requirements are very strict when dropper bottle manufacturers producing dropper bottles. Not only must it meet the tolerance range of the industry regulations, produce transparent glass tubes, and need to achieve thorns, no air bubbles, mildew, and other requirements. Dropper bottle strictly controls the size and shape during the production process and is cleaned and packaged after the production is completed. Dropper bottle integrated dotted bottle structure, including the bottle cap, the hollow press, the hollow pipe department and the bottle body. Inside. This ticking structure is more common in existing technologies, although it can be squeezed and placed in a hollow press to achieve the liquid in the bottle.

Application advantage of custom dropper bottles:

Dropper Bottle has an advantage. That is, it can accurately measure the amount of each drop of the product, and the dropper has a scale so that the amount that consumers must grasp the use of skin care products will significantly help, whether it is 0.3 ml or 0.5 ml of 0.5 ml, can achieve more accurate usage.

In addition, with the popularity of cosmetics knowledge and the increasingly complicated air environment, people's requirements for cosmetics have become higher and higher. Avoid adding preservative products to important factors for many women to select products. The design came into being. The cream in cosmetics contains a lot of oil, so the survival of bacteria is more difficult, so it is not so high for packaging. But the essence is mostly water-like essence, and it is rich in nutrients, which are very suitable for bacterial reproduction. To avoid direct contact with foreign objects (including hands), Dropper bottle is an important way to reduce pollution products. At the same time, it can also control the amount of dosage to avoid waste.

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