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Application Of Custom Dropper Bottles In Liquid Foundation

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The application of custom dropper bottles is very extensive, and there are many benefits. It can accurately distribute the dosage of the product, protect the chemical substances in the product, and it can prolong the service life of the product. MGG group is one of the leading glass dropper bottle manufacturers in China, providing customized services for many cosmetic brands in the market.

1ml glass dropper bottle

When a woman puts on new clothes, she will be very refreshed and show a new charm. Therefore, adding a new member to the powder makeup wardrobe from time to time, putting a new dress on the skin, will also be in a good mood, and even the makeup will be particularly charming. A dropper foundation is a good option.

The difference between a dropper foundation and a traditional foundation

Traditional liquid foundations usually consist of oily powders that lock in moisture and colloidal liquids. These powders make makeup appear stiff, like a mask applied to the face. Most of them are relatively dry, and I always feel that the absorption is not strong enough, the makeup is not transparent, there is no natural beauty, and the makeup is more obvious.

The dropper foundation uses a custom dropper bottle and uses an essence dropper. It is a very innovative design and is suitable for people who love beauty and convenience. They can better control the dosage and save a lot of time. It will be absorbed by the skin as soon as it is smeared, and it is more convenient to push and apply. It is easier to apply with a professional foundation brush and more evenly. The makeup feels completely clear, like no makeup at all.

The application of glass dropper bottles in the liquid foundation is a major advancement in packaging, and it can also make consumers feel novel, thereby increasing their desire to buy. This is a packaging that liquid foundation manufacturers can consider. If you are looking for dropper bottle manufacturers, choose MGG group to provide you with one-stop packaging solutions.

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