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Application Of Empty Roll On Bottle In Eye Cream

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As one of the leading roll on bottle manufacturers in China, MGG group offers empty roll on bottles. Currently, bottles with a roll-on design are popular in the cosmetic industry, especially in eye cream applications. The eye essence launched by many brands adopts the design of a "roller ball," which is very convenient to use, and the massage of the roller ball can speed up the absorption of the essence by the skin around the eyes and double the skin care effect!

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Four practical benefits of empty roll on bottle in eye cream application

1. Quantitative. The metal head of empty roll on deodorant bottles is generally designed to be shaped, making it easier to control the force when applying eye cream, ensuring that the amount of use will not be too much. It is also more convenient to massage the acupoints when removing dark circles.

2, to promote absorption. Through the cool touch of the metal head of the roller eye cream, the cooling effect can be achieved faster, soothe the fatigue of the eye skin, and at the same time promote the skin's absorption of the eye cream ingredients, which is more conducive to eliminating puffiness and reducing fine lines.

3. Convenience. When applying eye cream with both hands, we may strain the eyelids due to rough hands or excessive force, but the shape of the roller eye cream's shaped metal head design makes it easy to control the force, and the back and forth application is equally smooth.

4. Clean. Using a plastic roll on bottles avoids the need to touch the skin with our hands directly, saves the trouble of washing our hands before applying eye cream, and is more hygienic.

After the eye cream was launched with the "roller ball" design, it was quickly liked and supported by many friends, but if you use it incorrectly, you will lose all your efforts!

1. When using, tilt your head slightly and gently tilt the roller ball massager towards the face to obtain the appropriate amount.

2. Gently slide the roller ball rolling massager on the upper and lower eyelids, from the temple to the inner corner of the eye; repeat 2-4 times.

3. Use a metal massage ball and press the acupoints on the eyes for 3 seconds to stimulate the skin to reduce swelling and congestion.

4. Gently repeat the same circular massage with your fingertips, massaging your eyelids.

5. Gently tap with fingertips to help skin absorb—complete acupressure massage by pressing on the temples for deep relaxation.

MGG group is a professional roller bottle manufacturer in China. We have more than 10 years of industry experience, from design to mold opening to production one-stop service, 100% inspection of products, to ensure product quality, is a good partner for your brand.

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