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Basic Classification Of Plastic Bottle Caps

Views: 60     Author: MGG Packaging Group     Publish Time: 2022-09-13      Origin: MGG Packaging Group

Custom plastic bottles can be seen everywhere in our lives and are also very practical packaging. Careful consumers will find that different plastic bottle caps may be different. So, how many types of lids are there in the market? As one of the leading custom bottle manufacturers in China, many kinds of plastic bottles have been produced, which can be divided into five categories according to the different functions of plastic bottles.

1. Flip-top cap

A flip cover also called a butterfly cover, is a widely used cover, with an upper cover sheet and a lower cover sheet, which are connected by a butterfly-shaped hinge structure in the middle. When in use, open the upper cover sheet, the liquid comes out from the liquid outlet, and the bottle is in an open state. The custom plastic containers are sealed when the top flap is snapped onto the lid.

2. Disc top cap

28mm disc top cap

The cover sheet of disc top closures has a rotating shaft. The cover sheet is centered on the rotating shaft. There will be a groove at one end and a liquid outlet at the other. When the plastic disc caps are in use, press the end with the groove, and the other end with the liquid outlet will pop out, and the container is in the open state. The bottle is sealed when the cap is pressed back and the cap is balanced.

3. Tamper evident cap

Tamper evident cap is mainly used to identify whether the product has been opened or not, and there will be a fragile structure in the package. If someone uses it, this fragile structure will be destroyed.

4. Child-resistant cap

Child-resistant caps are suitable for containers that store and dispense potentially hazardous materials, and the lids prevent children from opening and are easily opened by adults. It is widely used in packaging chemical products and medicines to prevent children from accidentally eating them and causing danger.

5. Dosing cap

Dosing caps are mainly used to measure the amount of liquid used. Generally, there will be one or two cups with a measuring cup, allowing consumers to use different doses in different situations.

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