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4 Categories Of Paper Packaging

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Paper packaging is a traditional form of packaging. In recent years, as green packaging has gradually become the mainstream of packaging, paper packaging has been more widely used. There are four main categories of paper packaging containers: paper, cardboard, paper tubes and pulp.

paper packaging containers

Paper packaging

In commodity circulation, it is very common to use paper to package commodities. For example, bulk cakes and candies are often packaged in this way. At present, paper is often used to prefabricate containers with certain shapes and structures, such as cigarette cases for soft-shell cigarettes, candy wrapping papers, shopping bags, and the like.

Cardboard packaging

Cardboard can be divided into three types: thin cardboard (with a thickness of 0.3-1.0mm), thick cardboard (with a thickness of 1.0-3.0mm), and corrugated cardboard (with a thickness of 0.8-5mm). Thin cardboard is often used to make various small cartons, usually in a folded form. For example, packaging boxes for cosmetics, cigarette boxes for hard-shell cigarettes, packaging boxes for small electronic products, etc. Thick cardboard is often used to make medium-sized packaging containers, usually in the form of sticker boxes. For example, the packaging box of tea, the packaging box of complete tea sets, the packaging box of supplements, etc. Corrugated cardboard is generally composed of 3 layers of paper. The thickness of the usual corrugated cardboard is between 1.2-5.0mm. Corrugated cardboard is often used to make large packaging containers, such as various cartons in shipping packaging. Fine corrugated board (E-type corrugated board) is also often used to make small and medium-sized packaging boxes.

Paper tube packaging

Paper tube packaging refers to the use of pre-formed paper tubes as packaging containers, which can be divided into large paper tube packaging and small paper tube packaging: large paper tube packaging refers to the use of larger paper tubes as packaging containers, for example, some The outer packaging of alcohol; and small paper tube packaging refers to the use of smaller paper tubes as packaging containers, such as deodorant packaging, some candy packaging.

Pulp Packaging

Pulp packaging container is also called pulp molding product, which is a packaging container made of waste paper after beating, molding, drying and shaping. Because it fully meets the requirements of Taiwan's green packaging, it is a promising packaging product. However, due to its poor appearance, it is currently mostly used for packaging lining. For example, the packaging lining of mobile phones and electric shavers, the corner lining of LCD screens, etc., but some well-made pulp molded products or some venues that do not require high aesthetics often use this product independently as a packaging container. Such as disposable lunch boxes and egg trays.

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