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Correct Use of Rubber Tip Dropper

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MGG group is a professional dropper bottle supplier in China that offers custom dropper bottles. Many of our droppers use rubber tip droppers. Now, let's introduce how to use a rubber tip dropper correctly.

1 ml calibrated glass dropper

The rubber tip dropper is very simple to use, but it is more complicated for new people. Correct use of the rubber tip dropper will ensure the life of the dropper.

1. When using the dropper, first squeeze the rubber head with your hand to empty the air in the dropper. Then put the dropper into the glass dropper bottle, and release your hand. The liquid in the dropper bottle will be sucked into the dropper, and then the liquid can be taken out for use.

2. When taking out the liquid, keep the plastic head above and the glass tube below, and do not lay it flat to prevent the liquid from entering the plastic head and causing liquid pollution.

3. After using the dropper, you need to put the dropper back in the dropper bottle and tighten it immediately. Do not put it on the table or washbasin to avoid contaminating the dropper.

4. Do not rinse the dropper on the dropper bottle with water, but wipe it with alcohol. If you need to inhale another liquid, please clean the dropper, dry it and wipe it with alcohol, and then put it into another liquid for use.

The glue tip dropper is very convenient to use. With a graduated dropper, you can choose the dosage at will. There are plastic and glass materials, which can be customized according to the needs of the brand. MGG group has experience serving well-known brands and is a reliable partner with good product quality and favorable prices.

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