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Five Common Sense That Custom Plastic Container Buyers Need To Know

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There are many custom plastic container manufacturers in China, but the quality of the products produced by each manufacturer may be different, so as a plastic bottle buyer, you need to know some common sense. Today, as one of a professional plastic bottle manufacturers in china, MGG group will teach you the following five points of common sense.


Five common sense that custom plastic container buyers need to know

1. The tightness of the bottle body and the cover, and the water vapor permeability. Tightness and water vapor permeability are two important technical indicators of plastic bottles, which play a crucial role in the stability of the packaged products.

2. No matter what raw material is selected for the plastic bottle, it must first meet the requirements of non-toxic and odor-free. Due to the wide variety of main raw materials available, it is necessary to select the comprehensive performance of raw materials. Generally, high-density polystyrene is used for tablets. Ethylene, polypropylene, if you need transparency, you can choose polyester bottle (PET bottle). If you need higher barrier performance, light blocking and opaque, you can choose brown PET bottle. Generally, you can choose polypropylene bottle or polyester bottle as the liquid dosage form medicine. main ingredient. At present, the packaging bottles of nutrition and health products and food in China are mainly made of PET or HPDE, and the bottle caps are made of PP.

3. Quality standards for custom plastic bottles. The pros and cons of product quality can be analyzed and judged from the product quality standard of the manufacturer.

4. Recycled materials must not be used for packaging medicines, nutritional health products, food and beverages. The "Plastic Food Products and Raw Materials Hygienic Management Measures" promulgated by the Ministry of Health has clear regulations on this: "Where processing plastic tableware, containers, Food packaging materials must not use recycled plastic."

5. Quality assurance system. Auditing suppliers has become an essential part of purchasing plastic bottles. Through the audit, we can make a comprehensive and correct assessment of the production plant's software and hardware facilities, technical equipment, and quality comprehensive level.

Hope the above five points of common sense can help you, if you are looking for china custom plastic packaging supplier, you can contact MGG group, a reliable manufacturer.

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