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Difference Between The Solid And Liquid Custom Plastic Bottle

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We know that objects packaged in custom plastic bottles can be divided into solid, liquid, and powder categories. Now, we carry out targeted analysis from each part, the difference between solid and liquid custom plastic containers.

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The difference between the solid and liquid custom plastic bottle

1. The mouth of the plastic bottle

Custom plastic containers for solid products are larger in diameter than plastic bottles for liquids. Generally speaking, the tightness requirements of solid products are relatively low, and the diameter is large, which is also convenient for the filling and using solid products. Therefore, in the market, solid products are generally packaged in wide-mouth plastic bottles.

The diameter of the liquid plastic bottle will be much smaller, and it is generally customized according to customer requirements, and the requirements for sealing will also increase. Small caliber, in addition to good sealing and preventing liquid leakage, is also convenient for product filling and use.

2. The thickness and transparency of the plastic bottle

Solid plastic bottles do not have high requirements for transparency and wall thickness of plastic bottles. However, liquid plastic bottles have high requirements for wall thickness. Liquid products have a certain pressure, and the plastic bottle packaging needs to withstand pressure. This requires liquid plastic bottles to reach a certain wall thickness to withstand the pressure of the product. Liquid products also have requirements on the transparency of plastic bottles. Some liquid products are sensitive to light, so the design must take care.

The difference between liquid and solid plastic bottles is focused on the product's details. As one of the leading custom plastic bottle manufacturers in China, MGG group has rich experience producing plastic bottles, you can contact us anytime to provide you with the perfect packaging solution.

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