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DIY Mosquito Repellent Essential Oil With An Empty Roller Bottle

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Mosquitoes are tiny insects with piercing mouthparts that like to inhale the blood of small animals. In summer, the temperature is getting higher and higher, and there are more and more mosquitoes. How to effectively repellent mosquitoes has been bothering us all the time. Below, the roller bottle manufacturer, MGG group will introduce some effective methods to make mosquito repellent essential oil to keep mosquitoes away from us.

roll on bottle supplier

Use a single essential oil to prepare a mosquito repellent compound pure essential oil.

Prepare materials:

empty roll on bottle

glass rod

20 drops of lemon eucalyptus

10 drops of Palmarosa

10 drops lemongrass

10 drops of geranium

20 drops of lemon mint

30ml purified water

Wash and disinfect the roll on deodorant bottle first, then add 30 ml of pure water to the bottle, then add 20 drops of lemon eucalyptus, 10 drops of Palmarosa, and 10 drops of lemongrass, 10 drops of geranium, respectively. Add 20 drops of lemon mint to the bottle, stir with a glass rod, and stir about five or six times. Finally, press the roller ball back into the bottle, and the roller ball mosquito repellent oil is ready.

Therefore, the essential oil for mosquito repellent introduced today is a mild and effective essential oil formula for repelling mosquitoes. It is suitable for adults, children, mountaineering, camping, and the countryside! ! In particular, it can provide the best and most natural protection for infants and pregnant women. If you stay outdoors for a long time, remember to apply it every 4-6 hours!

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