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Essence Packaging Which Is Better: Push Type Vs Dropper Type

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Essence is one of the skincare products used for the face, which contains more precious functional ingredients. Because the essence is rich in various functional ingredients and has a high concentration, the price is usually higher than other cosmetics. Therefore, many cosmetic brands attach great importance to the product packaging of essences and are looking for powerful custom plastic container manufacturers to cooperate with them.

When many merchants choose essence packaging, they do not know which packaging is better, press-type packaging or dropper-type packaging. Now, dropper bottle manufacturers will explain their advantages to you.

4 oz spray bottles plastic

1. Press type

Advantages: The press-type pump head is the first choice for Xiaobian to choose skin care products. When using it, you can use the whole face by pressing one pump, unlike some essences that take too much and cause waste of essence. Especially before makeup in autumn, add essence to the liquid foundation so that there will be no sticking powder on the makeup face, and the makeup will be very docile.

1 ml plastic dropper bottle

2. Dropper type

Advantages: There are many skin care products on the market now, and people have higher and higher requirements for cosmetics, and many essences have become dropper type. The advantage of it is that you don't need to take the product from the bottle in your hand, and it also avoids the inevitable waste when pouring. The dropper-type essence is also very convenient to extract the dosage so that the face will not be caused by too much essence when applied to the face. Generation of fat granules.

Both types of packaging have their own advantages, and you can choose the packaging that suits your brand according to the ingredients of the product. Now the packaging of cosmetic essences will be in glass packaging, and the capacity is mostly 10-50ml. The dropper-style packaging gives people a more upscale feeling, so many brands prefer this type of packaging.

Looking for powerful glass dropper bottle manufacturers, MGG group has 16 years of manufacturing experience in this industry, a strong R&D team, and skilled technical workers, to solve packaging problems for your brand.

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