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Roll on Bottle: Everything You Need to Know

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With the improvement of people's living standards, there are more and more products using empty roller bottles as packaging on the market. There are many customers who don't know about roll on bottles yet. As a professional roll on bottle manufacturer, MGG group will explain to you the relevant knowledge of roll on deodorant containers.

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What is roll on bottle?

Empty roll on deodorant containers is a convenient container for storing and applying liquid materials. This is a very common plastic packaging on the market. Many manufacturers use them to package eye cream, lipstick, deodorant, medicine, etc. The liquid capacity that roll on bottle can hold is generally not large. A ball is installed on the head of the bottle body. The ball has stainless steel balls and plastic balls, which can make the liquid spread evenly and prevent the product from being missed. Moreover, the ball has a certain massage effect, and it can be massaged. Make people feel comfortable. This roller bottle packaging is convenient to use, which is why consumers love it.

Application of Roller Ball Bottle

Roller ball bottles have a wide range of applications, and cosmetics are one of their common uses. Roll on deodorant bottles apply eye cream, lipstick, deodorant and other cosmetics evenly on the skin, and the skin can also feel a cool feeling. For products that are used in a small area in a designated location, it is more professional to use roller bottle packaging.

Roll on deodorant bottles are also widely used in medicine packaging to make medicine spread more evenly, roll on deodorant bottles can spread medicine on the required position and improve the unevenness of hand application.

Glass Roll on Bottle vs Plastic Roll on Bottle

The first thing to look for in a roller bottle is the quality of the material, there are two kinds of empty roll on deodorant containers commonly used in the market, one is glass roll on bottle, which is mainly used in essential oils, fragrance or perfumes and so on. The other is plastic roll on bottle, which is mainly used in eye cream, lipstick, deodorant and so on.

MGG group has more than 10 years of experience in roller bottle packaging, has a professional R&D team, good service, and is your good partner.

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