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How Glass Dropper Bottle Manufacturers Should Address The Challenge Of Carbon Neutrality

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The history of dropper bottle packaging is relatively long, and it has also formed a relatively mature production method. However, glass dropper bottle suppliers also face many difficulties and challenges as the government advocates relevant policies to achieve carbon neutrality.

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The difficulties currently faced by glass dropper bottle manufacturers

1. Since the manufacture of glass dropper bottles requires a high-temperature environment, it belongs to a high energy consumption industry. At present, coal and natural gas are mostly used as heating raw materials, which brings emissions and pollution to the environmental protection industry.

2. Glass is a material that can be recycled indefinitely, but the recovery rate is very low. Glass is a non-degradable material. It takes longer than plastic to degrade naturally in the environment. Although glass does not cause soil or air pollution in the environment, Difficulty breaking down the bottle is also a headache.

3. The challenge is the implementation of environmental policy, carbon neutrality and other related policies.

How should glass dropper bottle manufacturers respond to the challenge of carbon neutrality?

First of all, glass dropper bottle manufacturers should adopt the truth of the trend of lightweight, the lightweight of glass bottles is conducive to saving raw materials and reducing the burden on the environment.

Secondly, the marketing of dropper bottle suppliers, the docking of product inventory with the Internet, and the implementation of digital transformation and promotion.

Third, the transformation of custom dropper bottle production equipment is also conducive to energy conservation and emission reduction, reducing pollution emissions.

With the development of the personal care industry and the increase in the amount of glass dropper bottles, the entire glass industry will usher in a rare opportunity for transformation, upgrading and healthy development. Glass dropper bottle manufacturers can only win the future if they choose the right direction and route.

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