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How to Choose New Packaging Materials Under The "Strictest Plastic Limit Order"?

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As one of the leading custom plastic container manufacturers in China, adhere to the road of developing sustainable deodorant packaging and contribute to the protection of the environment.

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Protecting the environment is one of the urgent problems that countries around the world need to solve. It is particularly important to mention that "plastic pollution" is the top priority of the problem. According to relevant data, the global plastic production in 2015 reached 380 million metric tons. It is still increasing at a rate of 100 million metric tons per year, of which about two-thirds will be released into the environment. All countries are calling for a "plastic limit."

Starting in 2020, many places in China have begun to implement the "strictest plastic order." With the implementation of the policy, the policy has raised a major issue for various industries on how to replace the use of plastics with environmentally friendly materials.

PCR is a kind of recyclable plastic, it can be recycled, and the pollution to the environment will be reduced. It is a good material choice for custom plastic bottle manufacturers.

Paper deodorant packaging is a green and renewable resource, and paper can be reused. It can also be used as a product packaging material to increase its added value. The packaging materials made of these raw materials are environmentally friendly and pollution-free, can be completely degraded without residue, meet the quality requirements of ISO and European and American environmental protection products, and can be degraded and composted.

MGG group has been developing in the packaging industry for many years, has established a strategic cooperation model with many large brand enterprises, and provides one-stop technical solutions for the upgrading of your products!

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