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How To Choose Packaging Containers For Cosmetics?

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There are many kinds of cosmetic packaging on the market, and the common ones are custom plastic bottles and glass bottles. So, which of these two cosmetic packaging materials is better? As one of the custom bottle manufacturers in China, MGG group analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of containers.

Advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic plastic bottles

There are many types of plastics as polymer composite materials. Lightweight, high strength, good impact resistance, good barrier properties, high transparency, easy to color and good processing performance, easy to carry, storage and transportation and mechanical processing, are favored by consumers and manufacturers. However, the material migration phenomenon of cosmetic plastic packaging containers is also attracting more and more attention from consumers.

Advantages and disadvantages of glass bottle packaging containers

As a traditional packaging product, glass has many rare characteristics. Due to good chemical stability, impermeability, transparency, high-temperature tolerance and abundant raw materials, high-end cosmetics with glass as a packaging container occupy the market share. A very important position. However, its heavy weight, poor printing performance, ease of breaking, inconvenient storage and transportation, etc., also greatly restrict its position in the market.

How do you view the safety of cosmetic plastic bottle packaging?

With plastic as the packaging material, manufacturers will add stabilizers, antioxidants, plasticizers and other additives during processing to meet the performance requirements of plastic bottle packaging containers. Moreover, when cosmetics are in contact with plastics for a long time, it may lead to the migration of small molecules (such as monomers, additives, volatile substances, harmful substances, etc.) in the plastic packaging materials of cosmetics to the contents of the packaging. In addition, a change in the external environment, such as temperature change, will also cause the migration of harmful substances.

For cosmetics in plastic bottle packaging containers, in addition to the performance changes caused by the chemical reaction of the plastic packaging itself, the stability and quality of cosmetics will also be damaged due to changes in the external environment.

The migration of harmful substances in plastic packaging materials will pose a certain threat to human health. Therefore, the safety of plastic packaging materials is very important. It is not only necessary for custom plastic container manufacturers to choose suitable packaging materials and packaging methods but also for consumers. Users should carefully check the relevant content when purchasing to ensure the quality and safety of cosmetics.

Overall, which one is more reliable to buy?

By comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the two materials, whether to choose glass or plastic for cosmetic packaging bottles, MGG group recommends choosing cosmetic glass bottles with good sealing performance, high-grade materials, easy recycling and less environmental pollution, and can effectively ensure the long-term content of the contents. Not spoiled.

Whether a plastic bottle or a glass bottle, it is all to improve the product's protection, durability, functionality and decoration. In recent years, with the advocacy of the concept of green environmental protection, everyone also prefers green packaging cosmetics. When people consider cosmetic packaging materials, sustainable deodorant packaging that is harmless, non-polluting and recyclable will become a trend.

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