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How to Choose the Right Deodorant Container?

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With the popularity of self-made beauty products, many consumers now like to make their natural deodorants, they can add pure natural materials, and they can also add their favorite flavors to hand-made favorite custom deodorant products, which are safer to use.

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If you choose to make your deodorant, you'll need to choose the right empty deodorant bottles to hold your mix. There are many different types of deodorant stick containers on the market. How to choose the right one for you?

The material of the deodorant container

There are many empty deodorant containers of different materials on the market, mainly divided into plastic deodorant bottles, eco-friendly deodorant tubes and paper deodorant tubes. Plastic materials are more durable, but they are more harmful to environmental pollution. Eco-friendly material is less harmful than plastic pollution, but there is also a certain proportion of plastic. Paper material is very friendly to the environment, which is also the direction of deodorant packaging suppliers. You can choose the right material according to your needs.

The feel of the deodorant container

There are many deodorant containers of different shapes on the market. Everyone's hands are different in size and usage habits are also different. Therefore, when choosing deodorant containers, choose a good hand feel and easy to use. Choose a container of a certain thickness, the quality will be a little better and it will be more durable.

Airtightness of the deodorant container

For homemade deodorants, many people worry about product safety. When choosing deodorant containers, the airtightness of the product should be considered. There are simple containers on the market with only one lid. The paste directly contacts the air, which will cause the product to oxidize and affect its use of the product. Therefore, when choosing a container, you can choose a container with 2 lids, which can prevent the product from contacting with air and avoid oxidation.

The above is how to choose empty deodorant bottles that suit you. Choose a good container and hurry up and DIY your deodorants. MGG group is a professional deodorant bottle manufacturer, that offers deodorant containers wholesale. If you need to buy deodorant containers, please contact us.

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