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How To Choosing Antiperspirants And Deodorants?

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In this hot summer, even the slightest movement will make you sweat profusely, and you will not be in the mood to do anything! And some people will emit a sour smell after sweating, so many people will buy products to prevent this embarrassing phenomenon! There are many Antiperspirants and deodorants on the market. How should one choose?

MGG group, one of the leading deodorant packaging suppliers in China, provides packaging for many brands in the market, so it is very experienced in choosing antiperspirants and deodorants.


There are mainly 3 similar but different products on the market. Let me introduce them to you below:

1) Antiperspirant: It reduces perspiration. Both antiperspirants and deodorants have deodorant effects, but antiperspirants have no bactericidal effect and have a shorter duration of deodorization. It is suitable for people who are more sweaty or who have a light smell and only need it occasionally. When dating or interviewing, you don't want a lot of sweat stains on the underarms of your clothes. This type is suitable for you.

2) Deodorant: It has a bactericidal effect and removes odor, not only sweat. The smell of the armpit is a combination of secretions from sweat and microorganisms on normal skin. For people who are born with strong apocrine sweat glands, this kind of time will be shorter. Although it is said that people with the ABCC11 dominant gene are more prone to sweating during high temperature and exercise, it does not mean hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is mainly manifested in the eccrine sweat glands.

3) Antiperspirant + deodorant: It is a combination of the above two. Some big brands combine antiperspirants and deodorants into new products. Consumers don’t have to struggle with which one to use. Buying them directly is very convenient to use and has both effects.

No matter which product you choose, what is most important to you is what suits you. Consumers can buy according to their usage habits. Antiperspirants and deodorants are inseparable from beautiful packaging. If you need empty deodorant containers, please contact MGG group.

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