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How To Clean Custom Dropper Bottles

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Custom dropper bottles are often used in lotion bottles, essential oil bottles, essence bottles and other cosmetics. Because the cost of this type of cosmetics is relatively high, and the amount of each use is relatively small, dropper bottles can be accurately dispensed each time with a dropper quantity. The dropper bottle is outstanding in its design appearance and function. Many consumers want to reuse the dropper bottle after using the product inside. How to clean the dropper bottle at this time? The following dropper bottle suppliers will briefly introduce the cleaning method of the dropper bottle.


Cosmetics basically have oil in them. Of course, the dropper bottle can't be washed with water only. You can use detergent to soak it in water. It is recommended to use hot water to clean it quickly. Then use detergent, prepare a clean brush or makeup brush, dip it in the cleaning agent, then use the brush to wash the entire bottle of the dropper bottle, and then rinse with plenty of water. The dropper is to repeatedly absorb the water with the cleaning agent, drop it, absorb the clean water to wash, and then dry them.

If the dropper bottle is to be cleaned with alcohol, use 70-75% medical alcohol to clean it, add a certain amount of alcohol to the bottle, then shake the bottle to make the alcohol fully contact the inside of the bottle, and then pour out the alcohol, so that It can be rinsed several times, the contents of the bottle can be cleaned, and the dropper bottle can be used after the alcohol has evaporated.

If alcohol is not available, use purified or distilled water. Wash the oil in the bottle with hot water first, and then rinse the bottle with purified or distilled water. After washing, let it dry before use.

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