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How To Clean The Empty Deodorant Container?

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In summer, the weather is sultry and irritable, and many people have the problem of sweaty and stinky underarms. So antiperspirant/body deodorant products came into being, which can keep your underarms fresh and free from stickiness. Body deodorant products are believed to be used by many people, but how do you clean up your empty deodorant container after your products are used up?

MGG group specializes in the production of empty deodorant containers and is a leading deodorant container manufacturer in China. MGG group has more than 15 years of experience in this industry and has cooperated with many international deodorant brands. Today, let MGG teach you a very simple way to deodorant. The bottle of the medicine is clean, simple and quick and effective.

Here are the steps to clean up an empty deodorant container:

First, prepare a container and stick that can hold hot water. Put the used deodorant container into the hot water container, press the deodorant bottle with a stick, and let the hot water cover the entire container. The residual cosmetics will slowly melt and float in hot water for 3-5 minutes, and the cosmetics on the deodorant container will melt into the water and be cleaned up. Wipe the empty deodorant container dry to get a clean deodorant bottle container! If you want to reuse the empty deodorant container, you can refill it with your favorite deodorant and you're ready to go.

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