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How to DIY Your Own Natural Deodorant?

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As the temperature rises in summer, walking on the street for a while is already soaking wet. Although sweating is not a bad thing for the body, the unpleasant smell of sweat or the sweat stains left on the underarms of clothes can be embarrassing. Therefore, deodorants are a must-have product in summer, but many deodorants on the market will add chemical fragrances. Long-term use may make the skin dry and clog pores, making the problem of sweating worse.

Especially for people with sensitive skin, deodorants purchased on the market will cause skin allergies, so many people who have high requirements for products will make their deodorants at home. So how to DIY deodorants? one of the deodorant packaging suppliers, MGG group, will teach you the steps to make deodorants.

paper deodorant packaging

Purchase required materials

You can buy natural deodorant raw materials at most natural food stores, online, or anywhere you might buy other natural skin care products. You also need to buy empty deodorant containers. According to your preferences, you can choose paper deodorant packaging or plastic deodorant containers.

Production process

Put the purchased raw materials in the container, then heat and melt. You can add your favorite essential oil. After stirring until mixed, put the liquid into an empty deodorant container, and after cooling, get your deodorant product, which can be used directly.

Make your natural deodorant by yourself. It is simple and convenient, the formula is safe, and the effect is similar to the products purchased on the market. Act now, DIY deodorant stick!

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