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How To Fill Roller Bottles?

Views: 60     Author: MGG Packaging Group     Publish Time: 2022-08-19      Origin: MGG Packaging Group

Roll on deodorant bottles are common packaging bottles that people widely use; they are usually used in the packaging of cosmetic eye cream, lipstick, and children's products. Roller bottles are equipped with balls on the head of the bottle, which can prevent the liquid inside from leaking, and can evenly spread on the skin and have a massage effect, which is why the roller bottle has always been popular with consumers. MGG group is one of the top roll on bottle suppliers in China and offers roller bottles from 10ml to 100ml. So how to fill roller bottles? Let's take a look.

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At deodorant stick manufacturers, they have specialized automatic ball bottle filling machines. The ball bottle filling machine is suitable for filling all kinds of liquids and condensations such as essential oils, perfumes, antiperspirants, eye creams, etc. The roller ball bottle filling machine is simple and convenient to operate. The whole machine is controlled by man-machine interface, the system is safe and stable, the operation is convenient and the operation is reliable. Photoelectricity detects the color mark, and the servo motor follows the mark, so as to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the printing pattern position. The design of the model is compact and reasonable, and the appearance is beautiful and generous; it is prepared with international famous brand electrical components. The ball bottle filling machine adopts a circular rotary mechanism, the running speed can be adjusted, it is stable and reliable, and the efficiency is high. The operation is very fast, and the adjustment response is fast; the filling needle is designed with an anti-drip device, which sneaks into the bottom of the bottle to fill, slowly rises, prevents foaming, and packs the quality of the product.

In the filling process, the empty ball bottle enters the filling machine, fills a certain amount of liquid product in the circular rotary mechanism, then presses the ball into the head of the bottle, and finally closes the bottle cap, and then comes out from the circular rotary mechanism, The whole product is filled. After checking that there is no problem with the product, enter the coding and packaging process.

Filling products is easier, but finding suitable roller bottle suppliers is more difficult. looking for roll on bottle manufacturers for your brand? you can choose MGG group.

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