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How To Improve The Sustainability Of Deodorant Packaging?

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In the deodorant packaging industry, many deodorant packaging suppliers are developing their products to make products conform to the concept of sustainable development. More and more sustainable empty deodorant bottles are being applied to major brand products, which consumers favor. So, how to improve the sustainability of deodorant packaging?

eco friendly deodorant packaging wholesale

1. Reduce overpackaging

Many merchants sell higher prices for their products, give consumers high-end, tasteful effects, and use too many packaging layers and components for product packaging design. It is means that excessive packaging will waste a lot of resources and cause pollution to the environment. Cut down on overpackaging and get to the root of the problem.

2. Adopt a lifecycle approach to packaging design

Factors more important to product packaging than ease of recycling, including the embedded carbon used in manufacturing virgin materials. A lifecycle approach to packaging design should be considered the best solution. Today, many life cycle assessment (LCA) tools and consultancies are available to help analyze the environmental impact of different packaging options. The lifecycle approach is the right approach when it comes to packaging design. The question is which approach to take. The metrics to be compared are different for each industry and it must be clear which product life cycle processes are to be included in the life cycle assessment.

3. Consider saving space

Saving space is critical to product design and sustainability, as transportation costs directly affect a product's environmental footprint. Designing products that fit together easily and effectively, reducing unnecessary components, and reducing packaging weight contribute to this goal. Saving space also helps reduce the cost of shipping empty product packaging. For example, Recyclable flexible plastic films such as BOPP require far less plastic than traditional blow molding applications and can be fed to filling facilities as rolls, reducing overall transportation costs.

4. Increase post-consumer recycling rates as much as possible

The way to achieve sustainable development is to develop a circular economy, improve the recycling rate of empty deodorant containers, and reduce plastic pollution are important goals of the deodorant packaging industry. Increasing the PCR content in product packaging is important to show that brands support sustainable development. But PCR is more expensive than regular plastic because it is scarce and in high demand, so packaging costs are also increasing.

5. Design for recyclability

Plastic costs are low, so consumers throw it straight into the trash after use. For the multi-layer packaging design, it is also very troublesome to recycle plastics of different materials, resulting in waste of resources and environmental pollution. The product packaging adopts a recyclable design and uses recyclable materials so that the packaging can be recycled after the product is used up.

As we have seen, companies with social responsibility all want to do their best to contribute to environmental protection. As a leading deodorant stick manufacturer, MGG group offers a wide range of sustainable deodorant packaging solutions, striving to minimize the risks of sustainable design. Ensuring customers' products are accepted by retailers, valued by consumers, and trusted by everyone who cares about environmental issues.

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