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How To Make Your Own Deodorant?

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With the arrival of summer, deodorants are an essential product. But for sensitive skin, it is very important to choose the right deodorants, but some deodorants on the market are still not suitable. Now, as a deodorant stick manufacturer, the MGG group teaches you how to make your own non-toxic deodorant.

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Solid vanilla deodorant

If you've been figuring out how to make a deodorant with vanilla (yes, that's true!), this little tutorial is for you. The ingredients you will use are as follows:

Twenty grams of beeswax; forty grams of sweet almond oil; twenty-five grams of shea butter; three drops of vanilla extract; twenty grams of zinc oxide; and four vitamin E capsules.

Beeswax needs to be melted first in what is called a double boiler, along with shea butter and sweet almond oil. Once you've removed it from the heat, you'll need to add the rest of the ingredients. Mix until everything comes together, then use empty deodorant containers for storage. Start using it once it becomes stable.

Citrus Deodorant

The ingredient list to make this natural deodorant is three tablespoons of baking soda, three orange peels; one liter of water; four lemon peels; and 3/4 cup of sea salt.

Make a deodorant with these ingredients. The peel is cut into fine pieces and boiled in water for about 5 minutes. Strain the solution when done, then add all remaining ingredients to combine and form a paste. Store the paste in deodorant containers and apply with your fingers.

Aloe Vera Deodorant Gel

To make a natural deodorant with aloe vera, you need the following ingredients: two tablespoons of aloe vera pulp; one tablespoon of lemon juice; one tablespoon of rose water; one tablespoon of baking soda; one teaspoon of glycerin.

All that needs to be done is to create a mixture from these ingredients. First, you need to boil the lemon juice and baking soda together, then add the rose water and bring it to a boil.

After that, they need to be set aside to allow a while for them to cool down and reach a lower temperature before adding the rest of the ingredients - natural deodorant is so easy!

Above are 3 ways to make natural deodorants. So hurry up, you don't cause any health problems from using them. Nothing beats a natural deodorant. If you need to buy empty deodorant stick containers, contact MGG group experts.

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