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How to Prevent Body Odor

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When a person is in a situation of high temperature, emotional tension, and high adrenaline, it is easy to sweat like crazy. Nearly 99% of sweat is water, and the rest is urea, salt, amino acids or lactic acid, which can help the body to dissipate heat and regulate temperature. It has no odour, and only when sweat is broken down by skin bacteria, it will produce a bad smell. Generally, under a stressful situation, the sweat secreted by the apocrine glands has the lowest water content, and bacteria can multiply in the mixture of sweat fat and protein, thus forming a strong odor. So how should we avoid body odor? MGG group, one of the deodorant packaging suppliers in China, teaches everyone how to prevent body odor.

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How to prevent body odor?

1. Take a bath

Body smells a bit? If you have time, take a shower. Body odor is caused by bacteria, and bathing can quickly eliminate the odor, especially washing the most smelly parts. Don't just rinse off with water, use soap or an antibacterial body wash. When you shower, focus on your armpits and feet, which are the areas with the heaviest body odor.

2. Use an over-the-counter antiperspirant

Antiperspirants have special chemicals that prevent sweating and help fight body odor. Many antiperspirants last all day, though you may need to reapply them (especially after exercising). Antiperspirants are different from deodorants in that they stop sweat, whereas deodorants only mask odors. There are rumors that antiperspirants containing aluminum can cause breast cancer or Alzheimer's disease. However, there's not enough medical evidence for a link between them (or a link between breast cancer and parabens), so it should be safe to use.

3. Quickly cover body odor with deodorant

Sweating is great for the body (unless you're sweating too much or have another serious problem), and you don't need to stop it completely. Sweating has a very practical function, which is to help the body cool down. You can choose to control your sweat so you don't sweat at inappropriate times. Deodorants can mask body odor, or eliminate it completely, without preventing sweating. Some deodorants last longer. If you just want a quick fix for body odor, you can use whatever deodorant you have on hand. Want to stay fresh longer? Consider buying a pure natural deodorant, packaged in deodorant cardboard tubes, which can not only achieve the desired effect, but also reduce the use of plastic and protect the environment.

4. Use hydrogen peroxide mixture

If you don't have a deodorant or antiperspirant, try mixing 1 teaspoon of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide with 1 cup of water. Mix them well and use a washcloth to dab a little on your armpits to reduce body odor.

Conclusion: Sometimes I can’t smell my own body odor, but the people around me can definitely ask, so we must pay attention to such embarrassing things. In daily life, we must change and wash clothes frequently, and we must pay attention to our own body odor. health. You must know that body odor is a very embarrassing thing. If someone speaks out, it must be impossible for others to accept it, so our friends who have body odor must pay attention to it.

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