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How To Prevent Sweating Under The Armpits?

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If you feel that the smell of perfume or ancient dragon water is too strong, you can also try the deodorant, which will feel refreshing after use. Men are suitable for applying deodorant to the chest, underarms, and neck. Women are suitable for applying deodorant to the pulse point, underarms, and body. Use the deodorant after bathing, and spray the perfume again to make the fragrance more lasting.

MGG Group has rich experience in the deodorant packaging industry as a well-known deodorant bottle supplier in China. According to years of market surveys and practice, we can give you a popular science to prevent sweating under the armpits.

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1. First, understand what your problem is.

Before you go to the store to buy products, figure out what problem you want to solve so that you can buy the right product. Some people will have a body odor after sweating under the armpits, and others because they sweat too much under the armpit, leaving sweat stains on the clothes, which looks embarrassing and indecent. Khan's problem.

If you are troubled by body taste and sweat, you must deal with these two problems separately. Deodorants can only cover up the body, which is useless for anti-perspiration.

Without medical methods, you can't completely stop your body from sweating. Medical methods are generally only applied to some extreme examples. If your body stops salt and toxins, you will die.

2. Buy a suitable product for your questions.

You should buy an odor and deal with sweat stains if you have a trick. Both problems have multi-functional products. It is still not possible. You can find a doctor to recommend more powerful antiperspirants.

For experience, it is recommended to buy mild and natural products to cover up the taste and cooperate with other good hygiene habits. There are detailed explanations about hygiene habits.

In response to the problem of sweat stains, most anti-sweat-proof products containing aluminum chloride can effectively inhibit sweating under the armpits.

3. You can buy a lot of pure natural deodorant on the market. You can also buy empty deodorant containers. You can make pure natural products, which is also effective for your axillary sweating.

Mix an equal proportion of water and baking soda into a paste. This thing can suppress sweat. After 20-30 minutes, wash with water.

Apply apple cider vinegar or other malt vinegar under the armpit, which can inhibit bacteria that produce odor under the armpit. This has a certain effect on your armpit, making you sweat less and more dry.

Use lemon juice to adjust the tomato pulp, apply it before bed, and keep it for 15 minutes.

Use ground walnut leaves and eucalyptus leaves.

It is said that sage tea has the effect of a "cooling antiperspirant" and can inhibit the body's sweating.

4. Use these products correctly.

Generally speaking, if you have the problem of sweating under the armpit, the time to use deodorant or antiperspirants is before going to bed, early in the morning and after a bath. Wash the armpit with water and soap thoroughly. After it is dry, apply a thin layer of deodorant or antiperspirants.

Some people only apply odor before going out or before wearing clothes. However, it is no longer possible to apply these products under the condition of a moist armpit. Be sure to clean the armpit first.

If you find that the underarm is wet, don't apply any product, it can't cover any odor. Wash it with soap and water first, and then apply the product after drying.


Before using the deodorant, you must clean it under the armpit. Otherwise, the bacteria will be attached to the deodorant.

Wait until the deodorant is completely dry and then wear clothes.

Ensure that the axillary is completely cleaned, including the surrounding area, gently dry the armpit, and then use the product according to the situation.

Reflection of odor before going to bed may work well.

Wiping a little body powder after a shower is also useful.

Wear more cotton clothes to reduce sweating.

If there is no scraping the armpit hair, you can try it, which should be useful.

When necessary, insist on coating the odor.

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