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How to Recycle Custom Deodorant Containers?

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We use deodorants to cover up body odor in our daily life, and there are a variety of deodorants on the market to choose from. What to do with the leftover custom deodorant container after using up the product?

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Most empty deodorant stick containers are made of plastic, which is economical and convenient, so many people throw the used deodorant stick containers directly into the recycling bin. Is this approach correct? Unfortunately, this approach is wrong. As one of the leading deodorant packaging suppliers, the MGG group teaches everyone how to recycle empty deodorant stick containers.

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, people will pay great attention to the use of plastics. There are many types of plastics used in deodorant stick containers. Some materials are recyclable, and some materials are not recyclable. If recycled materials are put into recycling bins, resources will be wasted. Therefore, when we buy deodorants, we should pay attention to what kind of plastic containers we buy. Generally, there will be instructions or recycling signs on the packaging. If you are not sure whether the material can be recycled, you can find some information about it online. Only put the product in the recycling bin after confirming that it can be recycled.

Of course, the custom deodorant containers you purchased may not be recyclable in their entirety. Some of the bottles are recyclable, and some are recyclable by launch institutions. If this happens, you need to separate the empty deodorant stick containers and then recycle the empty deodorant stick containers. Please put them in separate bins.

More and more environmentally friendly packaging is entering the market now. You can buy eco-friendly deodorant tubes or paper deodorant packaging products, which can reduce the use of plastic and protect the environment. MGG group has always insisted on producing sustainable deodorant packaging; cooperating with many deodorant brands is a good choice for you.

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