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How to Remove the Ball From Roll-On Deodorant Bottle?

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Roll-on deodorant bottle is a very practical packaging for cosmetics, essential oils, deodorant and other products. In daily life, after our roll on product is used up, we need to refill the product into the empty roller bottle. However, it is difficult to take out the ball from the bottle. Is there any way to take out the ball?

The purpose of the ball is to ensure the sealing of the product so that the liquid is not easy to come out, but the liquid can be brought out by rotating the ball, which is convenient for customers to use. Now, one of the leading roll on bottle manufacturers, MGG group teaches you how to remove the balls.

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Step 1

Prepare the tape, cut the tape to a width smaller than the rolling ball and the appropriate length. If there is liquid on the ball, clean it up and keep it dry.

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Step 2

Use the prepared scotch tape, stick one end to the ball, try to fit as closely as possible, and then rotate the ball to let the scotch tape rotate against the ball.

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Step 3

After the tape comes out of the bottle, tear the tape and stick it to the other end of the tape. Gently pull the tape and the ball will come out.

roll on deodorant bottle

If you need to fill other cosmetics, just take out the ball that rolls on deodorant bottle, pour the cosmetics directly into the bottle, install the ball back, and you are ready to use!

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