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How to Solve Armpit Stains on Shirts?

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Shirts are always preparations for the four seasons. The classic items for each girl's wardrobe are always fascinating. Whether it is white or stripes, it is both versatile and fashionable. However, it is often yellow when the armpits do not wear a few months, especially the white shirt. The yellowish hair is unwilling to wear out, which makes the little fairies very distressed.

So why is it yellow under the armpit of a shirt?

There is a big sweat glands under the genius of the armpit. The sweat ingredients secreted by the sweat glands are special. The sweat stains are in line with protein, oil, microorganisms, etc. This sweat is residially left on the clothes. And yellow clothes are not easy to wash.

How to solve the underarm stains on the shirt?

The first case is the underarm stains on the day.

Recommendation: Laundry liquid containing biological enzyme components, that is, some enzyme laundry liquids on the market, such as the mysterious, blue moon supreme, Jia'an enzyme laundry liquid and so on. However, before using these biological enzyme -containing machine washing laundry fluids, it is best to use hand -washing, first applied to this layout, and first fully contact the stains with stains. Enzymes, the action time should be relatively long, so such a raw fluid is applied under the armpit, staying for half an hour. Then just wash it normally.

The second case, but if the armpits have been yellow and have been yellow for more than 2 days, then the color stains have been formed, and it must be used to use the product of color stains.

Pure white clothes: use white drift, or 84; all are the same ingredients;

Colorful clothes: use color drift, it is recommended to use powder.

How to prevent underarm stains?

For people who like sweating, there are many products on the market that can solve this problem. Sweeping agents are one of the products and one of the essential products in our daily life. If you are afraid of the odor under the armpit, you can use Deodorant to solve this problem and keep you refreshing a day.

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