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How To Take Apart A Deodorant Tube?

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Many consumers throw empty deodorant tubes directly into the trash after using deodorant, but this will pollute the environment. With the improvement of environmental protection awareness, more and more consumers pay attention to environmental protection, and will classify garbage and recycle as much as possible, which is conducive to the sustainable development of resources. So, what to do with empty deodorant containers after the product is used up? how to take apart a deodorant container?

deodorant container

There are three main types of deodorant tubes on the market, one is a plastic packaging, one is a paper-plastic combined packaging, and the other is a packaging made of cardboard.

Plastic deodorant tubes

For deodorant containers made of plastic, the material of some parts may be different. For example, the cap is made of PP, and the bottle is made of PCR. At this time, if we want to classify garbage, we need to understand the material of each component, and then disassemble and classify them. Plastic deodorant tubes are difficult to disassemble, especially since the screw rod is separated from the bottle body, and tools can be used to disassemble them.

Paper-plastic mixed deodorant bottles

The deodorant bottles mixed with paper and plastic are easy to disassemble. Just cut the bottle body with scissors, and then the plastic and cardboard can be separated, and then sorted and recycled. Now MGG group has invented a new kind of deodorant tubes made of 70% cardboard and 30% recyclable PCR, and can be disassembled for reuse or garbage sorting, thereby greatly reducing the use of plastics and achieving the purpose of reducing plastics and pollution.

Paper deodorant tubes

Cardboard deodorant tubes are made of 100% degradable paper tubes, which do not need to be disassembled for sorting, can be recycled and reused, and can also be degraded in the natural environment without affecting the environment.

It is easy to take apart a deodorant tube. The most important thing is to carry out garbage classification and recycling, so that resources can be reused to avoid environmental pollution. As one of the leading custom plastic containers manufacturers in China, MGG group also actively responds to the government's call, adheres to the goal of sustainable development, and develops more environmentally friendly product packaging.

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