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How To Use Roller Perfume?

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There are many forms of perfume packaging, including spray bottle packaging and empty roll on deodorant bottles packaging. empty roll on bottles is called Roller Perfume, which is a packaging that many people currently use.

Ordinary spray perfume spraying area is large and distributed evenly. It can be sprayed directly on the skin or sprayed on the clothes. However, the amount of perfume sprayed in the air is relatively large, which is easy to cause waste.

roll on bottle supplier

What is Roller Perfume?

Roller Perfume perfume is convenient to carry, mainly applying the skin parts in the need to prevent the perfume from being wasted in the air. However, it is generally only applied to the skin on the pearl perfume and will not be applied to the clothes. The form of packaging, known as the "roll on" perfume in the market, is actually named after the characteristics of the bottle mouth structure of the perfume bottle. The bottle type used in this packaging form is generally a cylindrical transparent glass bottle with smaller specifications, and the bottle mouth is covered with a "polyethylene roller inner cover", and a layer of plastic or metal spiral cover is covered with a layer of plastic or metal. Rolling inner cover is actually a small ball made of tight polyethylene (or polycarbonate, polypropylene). Most of the spheres are crushed into the cover (can be rotated). The inner surface of the wet ball, then contact the small ball with the site of the perfume and roll slowly to apply the perfume to the predetermined location. Due to the volatility of perfumes, the glass bottle is often equipped with a soft plastic seat ring, which can ensure that the bottle has a good sealing effect when pressing the sphere to press down the sphere, and avoid the volatilization of the perfume.

How to use Roller Perfume?

Roller Perfume can also use the "seven -point method" to apply the pearl perfume like ordinary spray perfumes. Under normal circumstances, we can apply bead perfume on the back of the two ears, the rear side of the neck, the inner side of the two wrists, the sides of the waist, the joints of the legs, the joints of the ankle, and the inner thigh. When applying beaded perfume, we can apply the pearl perfume to the part of the pulse beating.

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