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How To Use The Correct Use Of Aluminum Foil Pads?

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Aluminum foil pads are mainly used as PE inner perius for wine, cosmetics, and bottle caps. Aluminum foil pads are suitable for containers with materials such as PE, PP, PS, ABS, PET, glass bottles and other materials. Aluminum foil pads are widely used in various industries, such as food, cosmetics, and petroleum products. It has the functions of anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting, moisture-proof (anti-leakage) and extending product preservation period.

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How to use it when using an aluminum foil cushion? As a disc top cap manufacturer, let MGG Group explain how to use the aluminum foil pads correctly!

Aluminum foil gaskets have the advantages of simple process, low price, convenient use, good sealing performance, non-toxic and tasteless, etc. Aluminum foil gaskets are used in plastic disc caps, butterfly caps and anti-theft covers manufactured by MGG group. Need to rely on any sealing equipment, just put the cap's gasket inside the cap (the printed side towards the bottom of the cap), then tighten the cap. After about 100 minutes, when the cap was removed, the sealing gasket was already tightly attached to the mouth of the bottle, achieving the purpose of sealing.

Aluminum foil pad seal operation method

1. Aluminum foil sealing pads have silver tin foil on one side and paper materials on the other. Heating can be separated.

2. The side of the bottle with silver tin foil will be aligned with the pad.

3. Adjust the temperature and power of the sealing machine, and seal with the sealing machine.

4. After the seal, the tin foil is automatically separated from the paper layer. The tin foil is sealed in the tank mouth, and the paper layer is left on the bottle cap.

5. Perfect sealing and waterproof.

Precautions for sealing aluminum foil pads

1. The bottle mouth must not have impurities such as water and oil.

2. The bottle mouth must be kept flat without gaps or protrusions.

3. The bottle cap should be completely tightened without any gaps.

4. The aluminum foil layer should be kept clean without dust.

5. After sealing, please be placed below 21 ° C to avoid direct temperature or sunlight.

6. The aluminum foil layer is suitable for plastic materials. If it is a metal cover, you need to seal it with a plastic cover and then put it on the metal cover.

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