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Internal Structure Of Empty Deodorant Stick

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Maybe in your life, deodorants are an essential product. They can solve the odor problem after sweating in summer for us and keep you fresh all day, so many consumers like it.

The most common thing on the market is twist-up deodorants. Many big brands use this kind of deodorant packaging. Why can this kind of packaging be used for decades without being eliminated? As a professional deodorant stick manufacturer in China, MGG group would like to introduce the structure of empty deodorant sticks.

Take Colgate hello as an example. Take apart the empty deodorant containers and get 6 different parts. As the picture shows:

deodorant container

The parts of the empty deodorant stick include the barrel, screw, platform, 2 caps, and Bottom cover. Each part needs to be made independently of mold, recycled PCR material, and then injection molded.

The barrel design needs to feel comfortable and convenient for consumers to use, and the function is to hold the paste.

The platform is the component that carries the paste to slide up and down.

The function of the screw is to make the platform slide up and down by rotating.

Two caps include an inner cap and an outer cap. The function of the inner cap is to prevent leakage when filling the liquid. After the liquid is formed into a paste, it protects the paste from contact with the air to prevent oxidation and contact with bacteria. It is also convenient for consumers to put. The paste is pushed back to its original position. The function of the outer cover is to provide double protection.

The bottom cover seals the filling port after filling the liquid to protect the paste.

After these 6 parts are produced, they can be assembled into new empty deodorant containers and sent to customers. After the customer fills the product, deodorants would be sold to the consumer. This set of deodorant packaging has survived in the market for decades. Although it is complicated, it can better protect the quality of the product, and the user experience is also recognized by consumers, which is the main reason for its survival for so many years.

MGG group focuses on producing high-quality empty deodorant sticks, has long-term cooperation with Colgate hello, provides free 3D design & free 3D printing, and is your trusted partner.

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