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Introduction of Deodorants in the Market

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MGG group is one of the professional deodorant packaging suppliers in China, mainly producing empty deodorant bottles and roll on deodorant bottles. Since it has more than 10 years of history in this industry and is very familiar with customers' products, let's take a look at the introduction of deodorants.

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Deodorants, mainly used for underarms, can prevent underarm sweating, effectively avoid excessive sweat odor caused by it, and keep underarms fresh and comfortable. It is a regular daily necessity in summer. Deodorants come in a wide variety of scents and can be chosen according to personal preference. Deodorants on the market generally have three types: roll-on type, spray type and paste type.

Roll on deodorants

If you want a strong antiperspirant, use a roll-on deodorant. If you go out or use deodorant on your underarms, a spray-on deodorant can look a little "powerless." Generally, the deodorant used outdoors is a roll-on deodorant because it does not drip, and you don't need to worry about "leaking the fragrance machine" when you put the roll-on deodorant in your backpack. It is characterized by being meticulous and not thick, easy to apply, easy to control the dosage, and has a good antiperspirant effect, which is suitable for people who sweat a lot.

Spray deodorants

If you want to refresh, use a spray-type deodorant. Sprays are cooler than balms and are more suitable for larger areas. The fragrance is natural and fresh. It is mainly designed to remove body odor. The fragrance is mild and refreshing, and it has the effect of cooling and relieving heat. It is characterized by a fragrant smell and feels refreshing when used. If it contains plant moisturizing ingredients, it has a more moisturizing effect and is suitable for people with less sweat.

Paste deodorants

Paste deodorants, the packaging uses twisted empty deodorant tube, which is very convenient to use. Apply directly to the underarms to prevent bacterial growth and reduce unpleasant odors. It is characterized by reducing underarm moisture and controlling body odor, making it feel refreshing and suitable for people with body odor.

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