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Physical Recycling | Let "Waste Materials" Become Useful "Materials"

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Reduce plastic pollution and protect the environment. So, how do you make plastic a useful material? Today, one of the custom plastic container manufacturers in China, MGG group, will explain to you.

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Humans have mixed feelings about plastic. On the one hand, its excellent stability brings great convenience to daily human life; on the other hand, the resulting waste plastics are difficult to degrade in the natural environment, increasing the burden on the earth day after day.

Therefore, how to improve the recycling rate of plastics, expanding the application scope of recycled and recycled materials, and reducing resource consumption and environmental pollution are important issues facing mankind.

As a plastic recycling technology that complements chemical recycling, physical recycling has become the mainstream method of plastic recycling due to its simple process, low cost, low investment, and wide product application.

What is physical recycling?

Physical recycling (PCR Mechanical) refers to a recycling method in which waste plastics are directly used for molding after sorting, cleaning, crushing, melting and granulation.

At present, physical recycling is mostly used to process waste plastics such as PET, PE, PVC, etc. It can be used to make PET bottles, household items, auto parts, garbage bags, agricultural recycled water pipes, etc.

Difficulties and Challenges

Physical recycling has high requirements on raw materials and cannot handle mixed and contaminated household plastic waste well.

However, in the actual processing of waste plastics, there are often problems such as raw materials containing impurities, unstable quality during secondary heating, changes in appearance, and non-compliant recycling processes, resulting in physically recycled plastics that cannot be used to make high-grade plastics Products, the application surface is subject to certain restrictions.

Innovation brings change

In order to increase the proportion of waste plastic reuse, reduce the requirements for recycled raw materials, and ensure the stability required for modified production, plastic recycling technology has changed the "destiny" of waste plastics that can only be discarded, giving waste plastics a new life At the same time, it also promotes human beings to move steadily towards a sustainable future.

MGG group looks forward to working with customers to improve plastic recycling and reuse rates, help customers achieve sustainable development goals, and promote the development of sustainable deodorant packaging.

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