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Main Features Of HDPE Pill Bottles

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HDPE raw material has light weight, non-toxic, colorless, odorless, tasteless, good chemical stability, not affected by strong acid, strong alkali and most solvents, good wear resistance, cold resistance and moisture resistance, and has Sufficient strength, stiffness and impact resistance

The molding process of HDPE pill bottles mainly includes blow molding and injection blow molding, and the extrusion blow molding equipment and process are relatively simple. The HDPE bottle mouth and thread dimension precision obtained through the above process is high, the bottle body shape and size are stable, and the bottle cap and the bottle mouth are matched more precisely, which is beneficial to the improvement of the sealing performance of the HDPE bottle. Therefore, the pharmaceutical plastic bottles produced by medicine bottle manufacturers by injection blow molding are generally welcomed by the pharmaceutical industry. Although the cost of injection blow molding is relatively high, the quality of the products produced is high, the degree of automation is high, and the production efficiency is also higher. Most of the domestically produced medicinal HDPE medicine bottles are molded by injection blow molding, which meets the relevant standards.


The main features of OEM HDPE containers

1. Density, which helps to judge the tightness and porosity of pharmaceutical packaging materials, and is very important to the amount of feed and price-performance ratio during the production of pharmaceutical packaging materials. Modern society requires that HDPE bottles should have the characteristics of relatively high price-performance ratio, low density, light weight, and easy circulation.

2. Hygroscopicity. Under certain temperature and humidity conditions, HDPE bottles absorb or release water from the air to increase its water content; in a dry environment, it will release water to reduce its water content. Moisture absorption rate and water content play an important role in ensuring the quality of medicines and controlling moisture.

3. Barrier property refers to the barrier performance of HDPE pharmaceutical containers to gas and water vapor, of course, it also includes the barrier performance to ultraviolet rays and heat, which can prevent moisture, shading, fragrance and gas.

4. Thermal conductivity refers to the ability to transfer heat. Due to the difference in the formula or structure of pharmaceutical packaging materials, the thermal conductivity of various pharmaceutical packaging materials is also very different. Metal materials have good thermal conductivity, while ceramics have poor thermal conductivity.

5. Heat resistance and cold resistance refer to the performance of pharmaceutical packaging materials that can withstand temperature changes without failure. The size of the internal heat depends on the proportion of HDPE bottles and the uniformity of the structure. Generally speaking, the drug packaging materials with heat-resistant crystalline structure are greater than those with non-crystalline structure; inorganic materials are greater than organic materials; metal materials have the best heat resistance, followed by glass materials, and plastics are the lowest. The higher the melting point, the better the heat resistance.

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