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Material Selection Of Custom Dropper Bottles

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The packaging material of custom dropper bottles, because there are many kinds of container materials for the maintenance products, mainly plastic, glass and metal materials. Have you ever thought, which one uses it the most? Which one is the best one for stability?


Plastic, using up to 80%

Advantages: high variability, a variety of sizes, shape, color, transparent, opaque can do. Light weight, easy to transport, good typography, recyclable, etc.

Disadvantages: not heat resistance, insufficient light barrier, poor solvent resistance (especially grease). Therefore, the first bottleneck of plastic containers is the inability to sterilize with high temperature steam, to wash with water, and to sterilize with light. In addition, consider the stability of the content, some maintenance items, is not suitable for installation in a plastic container.

The most stable and reassuring material —— glass, with the second proportion, with 8%

Advantages: heat resistance, light resistance, solvent resistance, absolutely win. The darker the color, the more conducive to the preservation of antioxidant, anti-aging, whitening effect of maintenance products, because these ingredients are highly active, it is easy to be affected by light. So, unless it is a poor quality of glass, the most suitable home for maintenance products is a glass container.

Disadvantages: In addition to easy to break, basically can not think of what other shortcomings, of course, if you know that it is made of glass, it will never be placed in the position of easy to be touched.

The future cosmetics packaging may only use one material, it is light and easy to take, but also can resist all kinds of pollution, the shelf life will be greatly extended, the most important thing is to be recycled and recycled, I hope to see it in the near future!

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