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More And More Brands Launch Paper Tube Packaging

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Cardboard deodorant tubes, a cosmetics developed by L'Oreal Group and paper tube manufacturer, were put into use in the new 200ml moisturizing sunscreen lotion of La Roche-Posay, a brand of L'Oreal Group, and were first launched in France, and then pushed to the global market.

cardboard deodorant tubes

A spokesman for L'Oréal said it was "the first step taken in record time". L'Oreal Group also emphasized that this is not the only application of paper deodorant tubes, and it will be applied to more brands of L'Oreal Group in the future.

In recent years, with the increasing global demand for cosmetics, the pollution of cosmetic packaging has gradually become a problem that cannot be ignored by major brands.

According to the published report, the global cosmetic packaging market size is expected to grow from USD 49.4 billion in 2020 to USD 60.9 billion in 2025, at a CAGR of 4.03%.

To explore the path of sustainable development and support the environment-friendly economy is something that cosmetics brands attach great importance to.

According to public information, as early as 2018, L'Oreal formulated the sustainable development commitment of "realizing 100% environmental protection in product packaging by 2020", and actively implemented its development strategy. In the same year, L'Oreal's hair shampoo packaging has achieved 99% renewable.

In 2020, when the global economy was affected by the epidemic at the beginning of the year, L'Oreal Group still made a number of commitments to promote the sustainable development of the fashion industry. Including the realization of zero emissions by 2050; a 100 million euro impact fund was also established, of which 50 million euros were used to rebuild the ecosystem and donated to marine and forest protection projects; another 50 million euros were used to promote the circular economy and support recycling , The development of enterprises related to circular economy.

Now more and more brands pay attention to the sustainable development of packaging, looking for a custom paper tube manufacturer in china that can cooperate. MGG group has more than 15 years of manufacturing experience in the cosmetic packaging industry, if you want cardboard deodorant tubes wholesale, choose MGG group to achieve win-win cooperation.

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