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New Pharmaceutical Packaging: Roll On Bottle

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Roll on bottle, as a convenient packaging, has rolling balls on the head of the bottle, mainly used for medicines and cosmetics. MGG group is one of the leading roll on bottle manufacturers in China and offers roll on bottles wholesale. Our customers are looking for us to customize roll on bottles and stick our brand tags.

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Roll on bottle's application in medicine

Conventional pill bottle, including bottle body and bottle cap, when you need to coat the ointment, open the medicine bottle, use a cotton swab dipped in the ointment for coating. Because the size of the cotton swab is relatively fixed, when the ointment in the pill is less, dipping the cotton swab dipped in The ointment in the medicine bottle is inconvenient.

Provide a new type of ointment for a roller bottle to solve the inconvenience of the existing cotton swab dipped in the ointment in the medicine bottle. The roller bottle passes the vacuum test. When pouring the medicine bottle, the ointment will be coated with the rolling balls on the skin, and the application is evenly applied, which is very comfortable, which improves the unevenness of manual application.

How to choose roll on bottle?

Many customers buy roll on deodorant bottles, which are used as cosmetic eye creams, lipsticks, fragrant creams, essential oils, medicines, and antipyretic gel. Choose the right roller bottle, which is very important for your products.

First, the quality of the balls is good, and the smear is uniform and easy to use.

Second, the quality of the bottle is reliable, and there will be no problems such as leakage. The safety performance of rolling bottle materials is high.

Third, whether the price of the ball bottle is reasonable, compare it as much as possible.

In MGG Group, you can customize your own roll on bottles or choose the right bottle in our existing products, and multiple styles are available. Competitive prices, good services, strong manufacturer, trustworthiness.

Empty Roll on Deodorant Bottles

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