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Oval Deodorant Paper Tube

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Compared with plastic deodorant containers for deodorant, we highly recommend biodegradable paper deodorant packaging. Because brand owners now like to use environmentally friendly packaging, deodorant cardboard tubes are more popular, 100% recyclable and meet strict environmental protection requirements.

The cardboard tubes on the market are generally push-up paper tube packaging. Oval shape deodorant cardboard tubes are very rare, the structure is relatively novel, the production process is relatively complicated, and it is a great challenge to the manufacturer's ability.

If you want to know more about oval deodorant paper tubes, MGG group will introduce our factory's paper tubes.

The Structure

custom paper tube packaging

Oval shape paper body & cap

Push-up feature

L*W*H can be customized

White, brown and black paper material options

greaseproof lining


Oval shape body & cap

PCR material platform & screw

Twist-up feature

L*W*H can be customized

White, brown and black paper material options

greaseproof lining

The Material

MGG group is produced in FSC-certified paper packaging, which is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. The paper deodorant packaging solution reduces the carbon footprint by 40% compared to traditional rigid plastic deodorant tubes. Paper materials include brown kraft paper, food-grade white paper and high-quality black paper for you to choose from. Imported greaseproof paper is used as the inner lining, which can achieve perfect oilproof function. Many customers we cooperate with have tested our greaseproof paper tubes, and the effect is perfect.

The Customization

Many merchants will customize their deodorant cardboard tubes, which will help consumers remember their brands and increase product sales. MGG group provides personalized packaging customization services:

1. The size can be customized. MGG group has developed two 2.5 oz/75ml oval deodorant paper tubes, which are standard sizes for deodorants on the market. There are pure paper deodorant containers and paper-plastic mixed deodorant containers. It can also be customized according to the size you want, and we can manufacture them all.

2. The raw materials used can be customized. White, brown and black paper material options.

3. Surface printing design can be customized. MGG group provides surface printing design services. According to different requirements of users, it can post-process the surface quality, color, graphics and other appearance elements of products to meet the needs of product display.

The Advantages

1. The technology is simple and practical. There is no pollution in the production process, no waste water discharge, reducing environmental pollution and meeting clean production requirements. After the product is used, deodorant cardboard tubes are recyclable, compostable and environmentally friendly.

2. Wide source of raw materials, low cost, lightweight, low recycling cost, and can be used repeatedly.

3. The oil-proof lining of deodorant paper tubes has been tested and can protect the product and prevent leakage.

4. Compared with plastic packaging, the minimum order quantity is low, the mold cost is low, and more importantly, waste is reduced. Modern production technology can achieve high-speed, automated mass production.

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