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Under The "Carbon Neutral" Goal, Paper Deodorant Packaging Is Promising!

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The use of plastic, while bringing great convenience to social life, has also caused increasingly severe damage to the human living environment. With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the international community has issued a "plastic restriction order" or "banning order." Many deodorant bottle suppliers are also looking for a new direction for the deodorant packaging industry. With the implementation and strengthening of the "plastic restriction order" or "prohibition order" and the in-depth popularity of environmental protection concepts as an important substitute for Plastic Deodorant Containers, Paper Deodorant Packaging will usher in important development opportunities.

paper deodorant tubes

Pulp mold molding, ideal plastic packaging selection

With the emphasis on sustainable development in various fields and consumers, using more green environmental protection and recyclable paper deodorant tubes to replace traditional plastic packaging is also becoming the mainstream trend. Its unique performance advantages mainly include the following:

It can be made into many different types, which are supported by molds so that the products are well parked and buffer protection

The raw material is renewable fiber, and the production process has less environmental pollution

The product surface can be done very smooth and flat so that the product packaging looks more delicate and beautiful as a whole.

Paper plastic packaging products have been widely used in many fields. In electronic consumer goods such as mobile phones, headphones, and tablets, some outstanding brands with sustainable development concepts have chosen to use pulp molding products to replace plastic packaging. The application of deodorant containers is also very wide. Cardboard replacement plastics are not only welcomed by consumers but also in line with the sustainable development of the environment.

Technical blessing, the performance of the new generation of paper plastic products is open.

Although the plastic replacement performance of pulp molding products is very obvious, its application is not enough. Data show that in 2020, the products used in the retail market in China were only 850,000 tons, while the amount of plastic packaging is 50 million tons of plastic products in one year, and pulp molding products replace less than 2%of the plastic products. It can be described as a long way to go. The reason is the customer's comprehensive consideration of its cost, efficiency and technology. Therefore, only by continuous technological innovation, optimization costs and production efficiency can pulp molding products achieve more applications in the strategic direction of replacing plastic.

As a deodorant packaging supplier with "Sustainable Development" as the core concept, MGG Group expects to work with more business partners to create a more beneficial circular economy system for the environment, society, economy, and green Earth in the future for the future. And a more sustainable, beautiful business society.

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