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Pay More For Eco-Friendly Deodorant Packaging, Are You Agree?

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MGG group is a company that develops and aims to achieve eco friendly deodorant packaging, continuously improve and innovate its products for the sustainable development of the environment, and create value for customers.

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Since advocating to reduce plastic products and protect the environment, sustainable deodorant packaging has been a critical competition area in the packaging industry. Of course, plastic packaging is easy to make and low cost. Sustainable packaging is currently in the development stage, and the input cost will be relatively high, which means that the cost will be relatively high. So, are consumers willing to pay more for eco-friendly deodorant packaging?

Some companies have surveyed consumers in the UK on this issue. The survey results show that more than 52% of consumers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly deodorant packaging. Among consumers who are willing to pay extra packaging costs for purchasing environmentally friendly packaging, most people say that it is reasonable to control the cost to 5% of the total cost of goods. They are willing to contribute to environmental protection. Of course, the 5% product premium also provides brand companies with room for packaging optimization. While ensuring profits, eco-friendly deodorant packaging is applied to products, making some efforts for environmental protection. This survey shows that consumers' demand for sustainable deodorant packaging and their willingness to protect the environment have firmly established the packaging industry to take the road of sustainable development.

As a deodorant container supplier, MGG group will take eco-friendly deodorant packaging as its crucial development direction, enhance its advantages and provide customers with packaging solutions. If you are interested in deodorant packaging, please contact the MGG group:

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