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How The "Plastic Packaging Tax" Impact Plastic Bottle Manufacturers

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At the end of 2021, the United Kingdom introduced a "plastic packaging tax" policy, which will impose a tax of £200/ton on packaging and products that use less than 30% recycled plastic and will be implemented in April 2022. It's a reform for custom plastic bottle manufacturers exporting to the UK.

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Impact on plastic bottle manufacturers in china

Many plastic bottle manufacturers in China are exporting plastic packaging products to the UK, especially in the southeast coastal areas.

In the future, any Chinese-made packaging that uses less than 30% of recycled materials will be subject to an additional tax of 200 pounds per ton. Converted according to the China-UK exchange rate on June 7, the tax will be 1,666 yuan per ton. A ton of goods is nearly 1,700 yuan more expensive, and the profit margin and competitiveness of the product will be greatly reduced.

The measures that can be taken are extremely to increase the recycled plastic content of plastic packaging or to avoid large-scale sales of plastic products as much as possible.

As an important plastic packaging material, PE is mainly used in packaging containers and bags.

According to statistics and calculations in the CPRRA China Waste Plastics Recycling Industry Development Report (2021), the total amount of waste plastics recycling in 2020 will be 40.59 million tons, including 5.53 million tons of HDPE, 2.73 million tons of LDPE and 2.73 million tons of LLDPE. 2.72 million tons. In 2020, the total amount of waste plastic processing and utilization is 36.53 million tons, of which HDPE recycling is 4.97 million tons, LDPE recycling is 2.45 million tons, and LLDPE recycling is 2.45 million tons, and PE recycling accounts for 27% of the total processing volume.

The plastic packaging tax is a national policy issued by the international community that is conducive to the use of PCR plastics. For the recycling and recycling enterprises engaged in PCR plastics, it is equivalent to gaining a cake in the foreign trade industry at once.

At the same time, many large custom plastic container manufacturers in China have to fulfill the social responsibility issued by the local government, which makes domestic and foreign brands increase their efforts to select PCR plastics.

In the future, packaging materials will develop towards a more environmentally friendly and recyclable idea, and the use of recycled plastics will be a shortcut for plastic packaging to gain international recognition.

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